and goodnight…from my new baby raccoon. #taxidermy
I’m still doing free black tattoos :) if you’re in Phoenix and want to get something, email me at #apprenticetattoos
Ecce Signum
Kristin Forbes-Mullane
some #progress
Yay! Got to tattoo one of my little drawings the other day! (I’m still doing free black tattoos, email me at if you want to get in on it) #apprenticetattoos
Got this today…at the tattoo learnin derby. thanks chawls. @charlest23
Inside Looking In
Kristin Forbes-Mullane

Framed original available in the shop at
Added a new one to the mix…(free tattoos..hint me #tattooapprentice
I still want to tattoo you for free. please and thank you. (solid black only - email #apprenticetattoos
Was able to get another hour in on this
The Relic
Kristin Forbes-Mullane

Time is running out to see Panoptic at @alexieragallery ….check it out before it’s too late, it’s an amazing show!
Got a small start on a new #painting this morning..
#cat #skull with one #tooth.? 13%¿