I have a bunch of framed prints available over at society6.com/kfmgallery
I’m doing my first giveaway!
On October 1st I’ll pick one lucky winner to receive these two limited edition giclee prints of Muerta and Scared Bones!

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yea ok. #apprenticetattoos :)
Some #progress on this one..The white blobs will be some #flowers. Right now they’re a bunch a bullshit.
For the past few days I saw, what looked like a tumbleweed or something, on one of the plants. Turns out it’s actually this crazy vine that has completely taken over every part of the plant in that section. what?
You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
Acrylic on wood · 11x14 · 2014
Kristin Forbes-Mullane
cause #drawing just one wasnt good enough. #satanisgoodsatanisourpal
little bit of progress
dead crows feet in the mail today and I’m not even mad about it.
"Muerta" on phone cases and such over at society6.com/kfmgallery
starting a new one.. #wip
varnished! guess it’s done..